top of the top: 2011

here we go… it’s time for the yearly music rating…

what’s your favourite album, track, concert of the past year?
how about sharing your own top of the pops?

post your 2011 bestofs in comment, add your name, alias, nickname to make sure the frog identifies you.
and be among the 10th batrachians to be granted a gorgeous sampler in original format legmade by the juicy frog! (an mp3 version of the sampler will be spotified soon.)

best songs of the pond
1. Sound Pressure Level, Aucan, from Black Rainbow
2. In the Dark Places, PJ Harvey, from Let England Shake
3. The Lotus Eater, Sarah Kirkland Snider feat. Shara Worden and Signal, from Penelope
4. Burn This House/Hourglass, The Sand Band, from All Through the Night

best albums of the pond
1. Black Rainbow, Aucan
2. All Things will Unwind, My Brightest Diamond
3. Blood Pressure, The Kills
4. Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes
5. Space is only Noise, Nicolas Jaar
6. Let England Shake, PJ Harvey
7. Everything’s getting Older, Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat
8. Parallax, Atlas Sound
9. Bon Iver, Bon Iver

best concerts of the pond
Fleet Foxes, Columbiahalle, May
Red Snapper, Frannz, October
John Grant, Lido, September

best surprise of the pond
Camera, outsiders of 2011 Berlin Festival

best musical website the pond
starting with a p ending with a k

best label of the pond
erased tapes for the polished layout of their LPs and their amazing catalogue

ugliest cover of the pond
Ventriloquizzing, Fujiya & Miyagi

most artistic cover of the pond
No Color, The Dodos

best album artwork of the pond
Inni, Sigur Rós

greatest moment of the pond
Aidan Moffat’s chatting and handshaking

je-ne-sais-quoi of the pond

et voilà… your turn now (until 31st January)!