along the brook with Sufjan Stevens

by juicyfrog

Sufjan Stevens is back and ready to enchant our ears, once again at Christmas time.

perfect follower to his 2006 Songs for Christmas, this new opus will delight you with 58 songs!
along an hilarious version of Jingle Bells, and a few merry tunes, this Christmas present offers anything you may desire in front of a Christmas tree: tenderness, cheerfulness, punchy and lovely melodies, high-level choral, tremendous flutes and Sufjan Stevens’ little touch of craziness.

if Christmas bores you or if you’re not keen on spending the 25th with your family, take the album with you and play it at the very moment when your aunt or mum serves the Christmas turkey. there’s no doubt that even the turkey is going to risen from the dead and sing along with Sufjan’s friends.

it may eventually be the best Christmas of your life.

click on the album artwork to stream Silver & Gold.