L. Pierre

by juicyfrog

oh la la, this is a very hot announcement:
Lucky Pierre will illuminate January’s darkest hours with a new album called The Island Come True.

L. Pierre’s last album on Melodic Records dated 2007, and we’re just very excited to discover this new production of Aidan Moffat’s side project.

the reason why the pond loves Aidan John Moffat is simple.
co-founder of the great late Arab Strap with Malcom Middleton, the bearded composer is a master of poetry and humour. his delicious scottish accent serves his delicate and brilliant texts perfectly. either on solo projects, or with the Best-Ofs, or Bill Wells, the energy he provides through his songs is revitalizing and comforting. and lovelorn. i fancy the atmosphere of his albums, mixing wellness and heartfelt melodies, and i enjoy a lot his titillating and caustic texts on life, relationships and sex. moving, exhilarating, the frog exults when listening to Aidan Moffat through its headphones, it’s just as if he were whispering sweet nothings in its ears.

anyway. L. Pierre is Aidan Moffat’s electro project, where emotions mix with dense atmospheres, cinematic loops and contemplative moods. click on the cover to listen to a track from the new album.

we’re just thrilled to listen to The Island Come True. so should you.