along the brook with Pop Levi

by juicyfrog

hesitation in the pond. do we like Pop Levi, or not?

after giving it a first try in the early morning, i hesitated between jigging about on my chair while listening to the catchy and grooving Strawberry Shake, and switching off my loudspeakers on Records.

the third album of Pop Levi came to us this morning through our beloved Herbaliser.
ok, if the Herbz support him, there’s no reason to be grumpy.
and let’s not forget that Pop Levi belongs to Ninja Tune‘s racing stable, one of the best music labels ever.
double good reason to give it a second try.

i might be wrong but the voice of Jonathan James Mark Levi (and general atmosphere of the album) reminds me sometimes of Miles Kane‘s. even if Levi’s singing is more nasal and, i’m sorry to confess it, at times barely bearable. however, Pop Levi has an excellent flair for wiggling tunes and melodies.

the pond enjoys quite a lot the noisy Motorcycle 666, along with the ragging guitars of Police Sign and the delicate ballad of Bye Byes. a delicious smell of Queen emanates from the title track Medicine, while Midnight Runaround slightly reminds of David Bowie. Terrifying flirts exquisitely with shake-your-rump rock.

at the end of the day, Pop Levi’s cover is very likely to win the most-ugly-cover Award of the year, but will for sure join the pond’s collection (click on the cover to stream Medicine until 26th november).
may god bless Ninja Tune.