Papier Tigre

by juicyfrog

let’s be noisy today and have a look at the french Nantes riviera.
and, why not, open a series of the sexiest howling voices and dirtiest guitars?

the pond is proud and eager to present Papier Tigre.
hosted on the outstanding Africantape label (home of the excellent Electric Electric and our beloved Aucan, whose Black Rainbow was in pole position in the 2011 top of the pond), the tigers are damn good at strumming noisy punk guitars and producing brilliant breaks in rhythm. and providing delicious and enthusiastic cries of rage.

Pierre-Antoine Parois takes (good) care of the frenetic and tribal drums, Arthur de la Grandière is in charge of a brilliant guitar and some percussions, and Eric Pasquereau trains his devastating and exhilarating voice on an aggressive guitar, which makes you forget the existence of a bass guitar (click on the cover of Recreation if you don’t believe me).

it’s pretty hard to define their music accurately, for it clearly draws inspiration from rock, punk and post rock. but not only.
i’m afraid the way they describe themselves is actually the best one: “[our] music is firmly entrenched in the tradition of inventive, challenging punk but combines elements of experimental pop compositions and aggressive math-rock.”

their self-titled debut album dating 2007 and the great The Beginning And End Of Now (2008) were both released on Collectif-Effervescence/Wangba Records.
Recreation (2012) arrived at the pond in july, and has, since then, been echoing in our ears almost each week. our favourite goes to The Latter Reply and Wandering Cage, but the whole album is, let’s put it simple, a masterpiece.

one click please to get an appetizer. and bon appétit.