The Herbaliser

by juicyfrog

oh man, tell me i’m dreaming, the Herbz are back!

the pond cherishes The Herbaliser, no kidding.
last night, when i got to know that they were actually touring again, it took me two mouse clicks to be the happiest frog on earth. sometimes a simple list of dates can bring you some kind of euphoria, isn’t it amazing?

Friday 26th October- Trinity Arts Centre Bristol
Saturday 27th October – The Forum, London
Friday 9th November – Block 33 Thessaloniki, Greece
Saturday 10th November – Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece
Tuesday 4th December – Le VIP, St-Nazire, France
Wednesday 5th December – La Gaite Lyrique,Paris, France
Thursday 6th December – La Sirenne, La Rochelle, France
Friday 7th December – Le Bikini, Toulouse, France
Saturday 8th December – La Nikaia, Nice, France
Sunday 9th December – Circolo Arci Biko, Milan, Italy
Wednesday 12th December – Lucerna Music Bar, Prague, Czech Republic
Thursday 13th December – Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
Friday 14th December – Melweg, Amsterdam, Holland
Saturday 15th December – VK Club, Brussels, Belgium

Jake Wherry and DJ Ollie Teeba self-released their brand new album, There Were Seven, on 8th october on their own label called Department H.
two extracts are already available:

The Lost Boy, their first single,

and March Of The Dead Things (Night Of The Necromantics) that will give you an idea of the Herbaliser’s jazzy rap and humour.

after the excellent Ninja Tunes’ albums, Remedies (1995), Blow Your Headphones (1997), Very Mercenary (1999), Something Wicked This Way Come (2002), Take London (2005) and their !K7‘s great Same As It Never Was (2008), impatience is growing in the pond.

if you can’t figure out how a mix up of James Brown and James Bond would sound, click on the cover of There Were Seven.
see you on 13th december!