Kari Tapiiri

by juicyfrog

today we head to finland and meet Kari Tapiiri.
i discovered him this summer at the excellent Stupido Record Store in helsinki.

Kari Tapiiri is a delicate songwriter, a fine interpreter of finish folk, who released this year an elegant and pretty moving first album called Intiaani on Timmion Records.

Kari’s tunes will make you feel a little bit melancholic but mostly in a kind of delicious well-being.
the pond has been seduced by his soft and cosy guitar melodies and the incredible effect of the finish accent, almost comparable to the manchester’s.
and his almost hilarious interpretation of Länkkäri will make you singing without even knowing what the song is about. and the amusing text of Lailai clearly shows that Kari Tapiiri is a facetious rascal.

here’s a new video for Symbioosi.