Month: January, 2013

My Brightest Diamond and Brooklyn Youth Chorus

further to our last post on My Brightest Diamond, Q2 Music presented on a blessed evening of january the opening night of the 2013 Ecstatic Music Festival with Brooklyn Youth Chorus and My Brightest Diamond.

thanks to WQXR, we’re now pleased to share with you the songs revisited by Shara Worden and My Brightest Diamond (no strings but the incredible & amazing Brian Wolfe on drums!).

Reaching Through to the Other Side
Be Brave
From the Top of the World
High Low Middle
We Added It Up
That Point When
Looking at the Sun

and here is the video of the one of two unreleased songs written for the band:

That Point When

Shara Worden also wrote three songs she sang alongside with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus reunited under the name Pyramid Songs, among which Before the World, My Body the Earth and Whoever You Are.

to hear (or watch) the complete show, punctuated by interviews and comments, and also the songs interpreted by the Chorus, click here.


Papier Tigre’s Home Truth

oh my goodness, what a video day!
i was feeling kind of down in the dumps as i got some message from one of my favourite bands of 2012: Papier Tigre.
i couldn’t have imagined that they would help me to come back in good spirits with one of my favourite (again) songs from Recreation.

enjoy the great video (and tune) of Home Truth directed by Gaëtan Chataigner and thomR.
is it a lie, is it a lie?

Grizzly Bear’s videos

before announcing our 2012 top of the top (tomorrow), let’s just have a little look at Grizzly Bear’s new video, Gun Shy.

a puzzling video again.
why again?

well, have also a look at Yet again, the other video taken from Shields.

a plot without real ending but which make you hungry for more.

the Grizzly Bear seem to have a real taste for oddities, surprising aesthetic, funny stuff and acting.
another few examples:

Two Weeks

While you Wait for the Others


but let’s put it simple: if i’m not sure to subscribe to their animated artwork, i’m 100% convinced that the Grizzly Bear are one of the greatest bands ever.

Pinback’s Proceed to Memory

the excellent Temporary Residence‘s catalogue is crammed with bands who both deserve to be brought to light and cherished.
and Pinback is one of them.

blessed with voices surfing on the same strings as the late Elliott Smith’s, Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Rob Crow are very inspired songwriters and melody makers. showing a delicate taste for melancholy, they however never fall into despair nor sadness.

Information Retrieve, their fifth full-length studio album, is a jewel of melodic indie rock, even if the quantity of nuggets is less obvious than in Summer in Abbadon.
nevertheless, this new album gives you the same basic pleasure and happiness, which are pretty essential in the everyday wintry light.


give it a try at once, with the video of their single Proceed to Memory, an amazing live wall-painting of the album cover.

and listen

New Year, New 7″, New Label, New Gigs

Piano Interrupted

on sunday, some astounding news shook the pond and let us speechless.

for we couldn’t suspect a better happy end, when Franz Kirmann (electronics) and Tom Hodge (piano) left London in late december to offer the pond an exclusive first gig outside england at Radialsystem, being rejoined on the very occasion by Greg Hall and Eric Young, respectively on cello and percussion.

sharing also the evening with the multi-instrumentalist Sven Kacirek, we took delight in discovering the best possible combination of piano and electronics for a magic, minimalist, kind of organic and very soundtrack-style music.

ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Piano Interrupted who have just signed with the german experimental music label, Denovali Records.
despite both Kirmann and Hodge have their own solo projects, they united with the idea to go through a cinematic experience inspired by classical music and jazz, but also elegant electronica/dubstep arrangements.

whereas Franz Kirmann explores dreamy soundscapes by cleverly sampling Tom Hodge’s intense piano tunes, Eric Young’s percussions and Greg Hall’s cello seem to pave the road to improvisation. the mayonnaise thickens on each composition of Third by Four, their first outstanding album, which clearly shows tunisian acquaintance on Bulbus and seems to pay tribute to Yusef Lateef on Hobi (which opening piano notes make you shiver just like the first notes of Pyramid Song).

first released in 2012 by Days of Being Wild, Third by Four was the follower of two excellent EPs published by Photogram Recordings. mixed by Ludovic Morin and mastered by Nils Frahm, the album will be re-published by Denovali in april 2013 under the form of a double 12”.

Piano Interrupted invites you to an atmospheric  journey, which dramaturgy isn’t faint. even if you can’t swim, let yourself sweeping along the deep cinematic waters of their music, and stroll in their warm and unsettling desert. and don’t be surprised to come back to the pond with bright stars in your eyes.

John Grant’s Pale Green Ghosts

at the pond, we love life’s ups and downs, and greatly enjoy leaving anything to chance.
today, while opening feebly a website where i sometimes buy my cds, my heart skipped a beat at reading the news.

John Grant will release on Bella Union a new album on 11th march, entitled Pale Green Ghosts.
we’re thrilled to discover the follower of the grand Queen of Denmark, that was recorded in Iceland and features Sinead O’Connor on guest vocals.

former singer of the Czars, John Grant writes some biting and beautiful folk rock. he put his fingers on issues without fear or favour, and whereas his texts may be sometimes both caustic and full of humour, tenderness is never far away.

for you, for us, here’s the video of Pale Green Ghosts, showing that John Grant isn’t afraid of venturing towards more electronica tunes.

Do Make Say Think

how lucky you are if you don’t know DMST yet.
at the pond, we’ve been hooked on this remarkable toronto band for years.
a devotion that may comparable to our addiction to GY!BE.
aside from the fact that both bands belong to Constellation Records‘s catalogue, Do Make Say Think mostly focus on instrumental music, between post-rock and tortoise-like atmosphere.


if their public appearances may be questionable on the sympathy scale (DMST isn’t that type of band who chats or even welcomes you warmly), their talent is indisputable.
two drums duelling jazzy tunes, a bunch of distorted and feverish guitars, a prominent and thrilling bass, along with trumpet, saxophone, keyboards, and even sometimes violin.


in 2012, some of us had the peerless privilege to attend Constellation’s series of birthday concerts, with DMST at the top of the bill.
what a breathtaking experience to spend a little time with Ohad Benchetrit (guitar, saxophone, flute), Justin Small (guitar, bass guitar), Charles Spearin (bass guitar, guitar, trumpet), and both David Mitchell and James Payment (drums).

The Landlord is Dead

today you’re very lucky.
you now know Do Make Say Think and you may even enjoy some great video of their parisian gig at La Maroquinerie, with a short interview of Justin Small. thank you Cluster Films.

Miles Kane’s Give Up

let’s start the year with some juicy rock’n’roll.
please welcome Miles Kane‘s new song called Give Up.

i don’t know about you, but i’m ready to give up control at once.