Do Make Say Think

by juicyfrog

how lucky you are if you don’t know DMST yet.
at the pond, we’ve been hooked on this remarkable toronto band for years.
a devotion that may comparable to our addiction to GY!BE.
aside from the fact that both bands belong to Constellation Records‘s catalogue, Do Make Say Think mostly focus on instrumental music, between post-rock and tortoise-like atmosphere.


if their public appearances may be questionable on the sympathy scale (DMST isn’t that type of band who chats or even welcomes you warmly), their talent is indisputable.
two drums duelling jazzy tunes, a bunch of distorted and feverish guitars, a prominent and thrilling bass, along with trumpet, saxophone, keyboards, and even sometimes violin.


in 2012, some of us had the peerless privilege to attend Constellation’s series of birthday concerts, with DMST at the top of the bill.
what a breathtaking experience to spend a little time with Ohad Benchetrit (guitar, saxophone, flute), Justin Small (guitar, bass guitar), Charles Spearin (bass guitar, guitar, trumpet), and both David Mitchell and James Payment (drums).

The Landlord is Dead

today you’re very lucky.
you now know Do Make Say Think and you may even enjoy some great video of their parisian gig at La Maroquinerie, with a short interview of Justin Small. thank you Cluster Films.