John Grant’s Pale Green Ghosts

by juicyfrog

at the pond, we love life’s ups and downs, and greatly enjoy leaving anything to chance.
today, while opening feebly a website where i sometimes buy my cds, my heart skipped a beat at reading the news.

John Grant will release on Bella Union a new album on 11th march, entitled Pale Green Ghosts.
we’re thrilled to discover the follower of the grand Queen of Denmark, that was recorded in Iceland and features Sinead O’Connor on guest vocals.

former singer of the Czars, John Grant writes some biting and beautiful folk rock. he put his fingers on issues without fear or favour, and whereas his texts may be sometimes both caustic and full of humour, tenderness is never far away.

for you, for us, here’s the video of Pale Green Ghosts, showing that John Grant isn’t afraid of venturing towards more electronica tunes.