Piano Interrupted

by juicyfrog

on sunday, some astounding news shook the pond and let us speechless.

for we couldn’t suspect a better happy end, when Franz Kirmann (electronics) and Tom Hodge (piano) left London in late december to offer the pond an exclusive first gig outside england at Radialsystem, being rejoined on the very occasion by Greg Hall and Eric Young, respectively on cello and percussion.

sharing also the evening with the multi-instrumentalist Sven Kacirek, we took delight in discovering the best possible combination of piano and electronics for a magic, minimalist, kind of organic and very soundtrack-style music.

ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Piano Interrupted who have just signed with the german experimental music label, Denovali Records.
despite both Kirmann and Hodge have their own solo projects, they united with the idea to go through a cinematic experience inspired by classical music and jazz, but also elegant electronica/dubstep arrangements.

whereas Franz Kirmann explores dreamy soundscapes by cleverly sampling Tom Hodge’s intense piano tunes, Eric Young’s percussions and Greg Hall’s cello seem to pave the road to improvisation. the mayonnaise thickens on each composition of Third by Four, their first outstanding album, which clearly shows tunisian acquaintance on Bulbus and seems to pay tribute to Yusef Lateef on Hobi (which opening piano notes make you shiver just like the first notes of Pyramid Song).

first released in 2012 by Days of Being Wild, Third by Four was the follower of two excellent EPs published by Photogram Recordings. mixed by Ludovic Morin and mastered by Nils Frahm, the album will be re-published by Denovali in april 2013 under the form of a double 12”.

Piano Interrupted invites you to an atmospheric  journey, which dramaturgy isn’t faint. even if you can’t swim, let yourself sweeping along the deep cinematic waters of their music, and stroll in their warm and unsettling desert. and don’t be surprised to come back to the pond with bright stars in your eyes.