Pinback’s Proceed to Memory

by juicyfrog

the excellent Temporary Residence‘s catalogue is crammed with bands who both deserve to be brought to light and cherished.
and Pinback is one of them.

blessed with voices surfing on the same strings as the late Elliott Smith’s, Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Rob Crow are very inspired songwriters and melody makers. showing a delicate taste for melancholy, they however never fall into despair nor sadness.

Information Retrieve, their fifth full-length studio album, is a jewel of melodic indie rock, even if the quantity of nuggets is less obvious than in Summer in Abbadon.
nevertheless, this new album gives you the same basic pleasure and happiness, which are pretty essential in the everyday wintry light.


give it a try at once, with the video of their single Proceed to Memory, an amazing live wall-painting of the album cover.

and listen