by juicyfrog

god, it’s been weeks, almost months i want to tell you about Guards!

i enjoyed quite a lot their first EP released in july 2010, but since their very first LP, In Guards we Trust,  is about to see the light (on 5th february), it’s high time for me to make some noise.
ladies and gentlemen, please welcome with happiness the tremendous Guards!


first of all, click on this link (or on the cover) provided by Pitchfork to listen at once to the album in streaming.

i’m sure you’ll start fidgeting as soon as Richie Follin’s voice penetrates your ears. and when Loren Humphrey and Kaylie Church rejoice this very voice, offering a cheerfully devastating melody such as I Know It’s You or Nightmare, i’m sure MGMT will turn pale with envy.

this first album is a joyful avalanche of gold nuggets, great 60’s tunes which give off a smell of sun and summer and make you feel like leaping (naked) in the closest lake.
you’ll notice however, that the voice of Folling shows evident shades of melancholy and shambling deception equally.
the beginning of 1&1 is full of sadness and invites us to ask any surrounding toads or frogs to dance this incredible slow number.
it’s just as good as falling in love again and being both happy and sad about it.

beware, this album contains plenty of sunbeams. and this is damn good.