Sin Fang’s Flowers

by juicyfrog

the video of the day goes to Sin Fang’s Look at the Light.

this new video is taken from his album called Flowers, released at the beginning of the month by the great Morr Music label.
produced by Alex Somers (Sigur Rós + Jónsi’s producer), this new LP is an inventive one, maybe more accessible than the previous records, maybe a little bit more pop, even if it perpetuates the delightful acoustic atmospherics i had already enjoyed on Summer Echoes.

it took me quite a long time to adhere to Sindri Már Sigfússon’s music (stupid me). still this very Summer Echoes was the first album that really caught my attention, under the moniker Sin Fang (he’s also known as Sin Fang Bous and belongs the nice folk project called Seabear).

i assume i eventually succumbed to his highly polished melodies and little happy notes à la Múm paying a closer attention to the production which was animated by a multitude of little details and sounds.


if you are a facebook or spotify user, you may listen to Flowers by clicking on the cover.