pg.lost (cassiopeia, 29/03/13)

by juicyfrog

what a bemusing evening.
confusion was at its most in front of the stage that night.

i had never noticed such dominating rhodes presence in their compositions before.
i thought there were 4 of them, and not 5.
i had never detected such sadness and darkness in their music.
where was the goddam freshness i had felt while discovering their music a few months ago?

my stylish frog seems to be amused to see me in that state of mind.
as the band leaves the stage after only a forty-minutes-or-so set, i try to swallow down my disappointment as we go for another beer on the first floor. despite the confusion, i’m kind of happy to see that the stylish frog is glad to be introduced to post rock.
how funny she is when she answers to my do-you-enjoy-it-question with “very much, but now i’m deaf”.

we chat, we chat, we chat, until i notice the place is getting empty and offer, half hopeful and anxious, to go back to the stage.
this time the room is full, lovely packed. guitars are already to be heard, as we hastily head to the front of the stage. my mind bolts just like a lunatic horse as i start counting one, two, three, four. drums, two guitars and one bass roar with elegance and gentleness.

whereas the guitar in sight gives me some well-known fever, i decide to switch my mobile on to check online the information i need to calm down. for the first time of my life i’m about to cherish this piece of apparatus which connects me to the virtual world in less than two minutes. feverish and happy as Larry i give my frog a cheerful and triumphant wave.

THIS IS pg.lost!


Mattias Bhatt (guitar) is stroking his guitar gently, this very fresh-like guitar in pg.lost’s music that drives me nut. Martin Hjertstedt shows a very cheerful face on drums, while Kristian Karlsson revs up his bass and Gustav Almber (guitar) fiddles with the numerous pedals at his feet.

it so good to be with them tonight because this young post rock band has the knack of matching wistful melodies with powerful explosions, standing aloof from despair and almost exuding some kind of hope and possible happiness.
my goodness, this is good. powerful, beautiful, noisy and joyful.


pg.lost, or page lost, leapt into the post-rock breach in 2004 from Norrköping in Sweden and never stopped since then. frustrated spoilsports may stress that their last album, Key, isn’t properly new or original, but again, when music is good, why should we care about originality?

their first EP released in 2007, Yes I am, isn’t a proper example of darkness, as you can find it in post rock music. melancholy hasn’t such a great resonance and you may even find Kardusen joyful and exhilarating. these specific characteristics make me bringing them together with Codes in the Clouds and avoiding the easy-going comparison with Mogwai, GY!BE or Mono.


of course, some of their songs are dark-aggressive, just consider for instance the raging bass, flirting with math rock, on the excellent Vultures, taken from Key (click on the above cover to stream the album). but the singing of Kristian Karlsson and the joyful melody of Mattias Bhatt’s guitar convey some eager joy to the track.
a song like the prodigious Terrain offer us quick-tempered guitars ending in an explosive climax of saturated screeching sirens which will burn your ears and sooth your heart.


speaking of heart, the tender innocence of Heart of hearts‘ overture tears to pieces with loud and angry guitars which, in turn, open the way to a heady romance hesitating between hope and distress. this is beautiful and as powerful as breaking the sound barrier.
this is the very essence of post rock, but with pg.lost, the sky is in the end bright, just like the opening of Spirits Stampede which turns into a gentle melody full of aerial emotions.

their set is absolutely perfect, refreshing and filled with enthusiast. i feel drunk as the band leaves the stage, as if fresh air had cleaned out my brain, as if a spotless instant were about to start, as if the tormented days were gone.
and the contentment is double at seeing my stylish frog’s happiness.

what a brilliant shoegazing evening. starting with Joy Wants Eternity as appetizer (!) and ending satisfied with pg.lost and some table football.
oh god, i love post rock.
music will save us for sure.