pg.lost’s key

by juicyfrog

echoing our gig review of pg.lost, a very interesting analyse of their last album Key. thank you White Noys.

White Noys

04 May 2012
Studio Hufvudstaden, Sweden
Black Star Foundation
Mattias Bhatt, guitar
Martin Hjertstedt, drums
Gustav Almberg, guitar
Kristian Karlsson, bass/vocals

Subtitle: going steady with a band.

When a band releases more than one good albums, that’s it, I’m sold*. I become a fan**, searching obsessively on the internet for announcements of live dates, forcing youtube videos on friends, anticipating new stuff etc. I like these clingy relationships with my favourite artists.

pg.lost released this a few months after I had literally melted In never out [’09] into my brain. That one used a template: one or two strong themes for each track that the band got the most out of. Deeply disquieting “quiet” parts followed by the most epic treatment possible, gradually increasing the energy level until we feel we are flying or dying or something. It sounds simple, but the band is…

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