Month: May, 2013

No Age’s An Object

oh my, 2013 will drive us crazy!
and those very guys will kill our ears happily.


while strolling around on Sub Pop Records website, we got to know that No Age’s 4th album, An Object, would be released on 20th august 😉
however, the noteworthy follower to the excellent Everything In Between (2010) will be more than a simple music album.
with the support of friend and designer Brian Roettinger, the band will released a real Pandora’s box which content remains a bit vague (Sub Pop evokes “jackets, inserts and labels”).


and hop, a little tune for the day!


Volcano Choir

Bon Iver may have vanished for good, but fortunately we haven’t heard the last of Justin Vernon.

VC.SP_DP_Gate_Cover_rev [Converted]

after the brilliant Unmap released in 2009 via jagjaguwar, Volcano Choir will return on 3rd september with a second album entitled Repave. consisting of the Collections of Colonies of Bees (a side project to the amazing Pele) and Justin Vernon, the band’s music is more or less experimental ambient rock.

the band announced the forthcoming release via the following trailer, which predicts a possible new great album.

along the brook with Miles Kane

girls, i’m afraid that Miles Kane may have been in a (too great) hurry to offer a follower of the great Colour Of The Trap.

on the vigour-of-style-&-panache scale, Miles is still on the roll. Don’t Forget Who You Are is a happy snafu of lively melodies and high-speed tunes. no nuggets such as Rearrange or Inhaler, or the Rascals’ huge Freakbeat Phantom are to be found but if you enjoy lalalalas, this new album will delight your ears.

we actually listened twice to the album and really enjoyed the slinky Don’t Forget Who You Are or What Condition am I in, the excellent Give Up or You’re Gonna Get it (unsurprisingly co-written with Paul Weller), and Miles’ mind-boggling guitar playing on Dark In Your Heart.


however the album as a whole gives the impression to be average and polished off in a supersonic. that’s a pity that Miles temporary (hopefully) put aside his witty eloquence and mouth-watering guitar effects. of course, it doesn’t not put an end to his very talent, and no one shall forget what he is capable of (The Last Shadow Puppets, The Rascals, a great first solo album).

the release of Don’t Forget Who You Are is expected on 3rd june via Columbia Records. have a click on the cover to listen to the entire album on NME’s website (one week only).


Scout Niblett

last week,‘s album of the week introduced me to some warm powerful female voice that made a meteoric entrance into the very tight i-like-female-voices club of the pond.
welcome to Scout Niblett and her sumptuous new album, It’s up to Emma.


minimal raw guitar and drums arrangements collude with bad-tempered texts, such as Gun which opens the album with a clear message: She took your love away from me, now I am thankful every day. (…) But I think I’m gonna buy me a gun, a nice little silver one.

Scout Niblett spews out her rage with a furious guitar akin to jubilation and we’re very impatient to assess her temper during her upcoming european tour:
31.05.2013 – Mannheim (DE), Maifeld Derby Festival
01.06.2013 – Hamburg (DE), Kampnagel (w/ Ólöf Arnalds)
03.06.2013 – Berlin (DE), Volksbühne (w/ Ólöf Arnalds)
04.06.2013 – Duisburg (DE), Steinbruch
05.06.2013 – Schorndorf (DE), Manufaktur
06.06.2013 – Brussels (BE), Botanique
08.06.2013 – Paris (FR), Point Éphémère (Radio Campus Anniversary)
09.06.2013 – Köln (DE) Museum Ludwig
11.06.2013 – München (DE), Strom
12.06.2013 – Wien (AT), Chelsea
13.06.2013 – Graz (AT), Postgarage
14.06.2013 – Innsbruck (AT), Bäckerei
15.06.2013 – Luzern (CH), B-Sides Festival
17.06.2013 – Lille (FR), La Péniche
18.06.2013 – London (UK), Corsica Studios
19.06.2013 – Cardiff (UK), Buffalo Bar
20.06.2013 – Leeds (UK), Brudenell Social Club
21.06.2013 – Glasgow (UK), Broadcast
22.06.2013 – Brighton (UK), Sticky Mike’s
24.06.2013 – Jena (DE), Cafe Wagner
25.06.2013 – Copenhagen (Denmark), Loppen
26.06.2013 – Stockholm (SE), Lilla Hotellbaren
27.06.2013 – Oslo (NO), Gut Feelings Festival
28.06.2013 – Bergen (Norway), Landmark

despite this bitterness, Scout Niblett doesn’t seem to be that kind of girl who feels sorry for herself, as the Gun video gives us to understand.

would snow white have such mordant irony?!

the reason why (2)


Dodos’ Confidence

i don’t know whether you’ve already met a dodo, but if you haven’t, you’re a happy and blessed one!
and meeting a pair of dodos is actually a paramountcy!

you may right now have full Confidence and lend an ear to the excellent new single of the Dodos, which, as usual, presages another great album – Carrier expected on 27th august via, surpriseeeee, Polyvinyl Records! (bye, bye Witchita!)

The Dodos’ savoir-faire in terms of blowing breaks in rhythm and melody is immense. don’t miss a scrap of it and click on the cover.
my!, it’s good to have them back.

along the brook with Marvin

tadaaaaaaa, make some fucking noise!

Marvin is back with a new great album called Barry, which is expected on 3rd june on Africantape.


go to Mowno‘s website to stream it until sunday or click on the cover.

beware, the little Barry is going to blow your ears!
night, night!

along the brook with The National

prior to the forthcoming release of The National’s new album, scheduled on 20th may in Europe and 21st in the States, Trouble Will Find Me can be streamed fully on from now on.


i don’t know about you, but after a few tries, we found the album a bit more melancholic than the previous one. pretty moving and delicate, but without the vigour of Alligator or Boxer for instance. however beautifully put together. the perfect companion for a glass of wine.