along the brook with Miles Kane

by juicyfrog

girls, i’m afraid that Miles Kane may have been in a (too great) hurry to offer a follower of the great Colour Of The Trap.

on the vigour-of-style-&-panache scale, Miles is still on the roll. Don’t Forget Who You Are is a happy snafu of lively melodies and high-speed tunes. no nuggets such as Rearrange or Inhaler, or the Rascals’ huge Freakbeat Phantom are to be found but if you enjoy lalalalas, this new album will delight your ears.

we actually listened twice to the album and really enjoyed the slinky Don’t Forget Who You Are or What Condition am I in, the excellent Give Up or You’re Gonna Get it (unsurprisingly co-written with Paul Weller), and Miles’ mind-boggling guitar playing on Dark In Your Heart.


however the album as a whole gives the impression to be average and polished off in a supersonic. that’s a pity that Miles temporary (hopefully) put aside his witty eloquence and mouth-watering guitar effects. of course, it doesn’t not put an end to his very talent, and no one shall forget what he is capable of (The Last Shadow Puppets, The Rascals, a great first solo album).

the release of Don’t Forget Who You Are is expected on 3rd june via Columbia Records. have a click on the cover to listen to the entire album on NME’s website (one week only).