Unkle’s Rabbit in Your Headlights cover

by juicyfrog

it belongs to the frog’s favs, no kidding. number one on the top of the top’s list. for years.

in 1998 Unkle released one of their best singles ever, with a pounding piano tune embracing the close-to-perfection interpretation of Thom Yorke.
6:18 minutes of haunting goose-flesh and pure beauty.

Jonathan Glazer offered on his side one of the best music videos, with the excellent Denis Lavant who gave life to some psychotic and frenzy rabbit. the video won MVPA’s Best International Video of the Year Award in 1999.


today Thom Yorke, and Atoms for Peace, revisits Rabbit in your Headlights.
this new vision gets rid of the kinetic and obsessive dynamic but preserves the dramatic part.


Thom’s itching isn’t very far from Denis Lavant’s OCD, but let’s put it simple: Denis Lavant is peerless. and so is Thom Yorke’s voice.