Sigur Rós’ Kveikur

by juicyfrog

in the luxuriant flood of forthcoming releases, let’s gaze today at one of the most prolific islands, with one of its best standard bearer: Sigur Rós.

the icelandic post-rock band toured extensively those past months, promoting their sumptuous last album Valtari released in 2012. but if you had the chance to attend one of their concerts, you probably noticed that the band offered us a few new songs which weren’t to be found in their existing discography. you may also have noticed the outstanding Brennisstein or Kveikur and secretly desired to be able to play them (loud) at your own water lily very soon.

be blessed, Sigur Rós made our dreams come true.
from june 17th on, Kveikur will be available at any good record shops and can be streamed right now by clicking on the cover.


the band left a message on their page inviting us to “listen to [their] new album Kveikur and let [them] know what it makes you feel, see and imagine. Take photos, make videos, or write your thoughts down. Just use the hashtag #kveikur on Twitter, Vine and Instagram and [they]’ll collect the things you make here.”

personally, i feel pretty enthusiastic at listening to Kveikur for the fourth time (being maybe less optimistic about Stormur or Ísjaki). my favourite goes to the title track of the album, a noisy one, beautifully orchestrated with thousand exhilarating noises, excellent resounding drums and noisy guitar effects rejoined by Jónsi’s fragile voice, a perfect track to struggle up the hardest slope.

and the grandiose dirty overture of Brennistein and magnificent aggressive unfolding of the track, my goodness, this is just sterling. i can’t wait to listen to it with a proper headset, this is a killer song and i wouldn’t mind being deaf afterwards.

the bellicose Hrafntinna is punctuated by subtle brass sections accompanying Orri Páll Dýrason’s frenzied drums, giving almost the impression that a wolf pack will appear suddenly and eat us all alive. oh my, this is good.

i don’t know if the departure of the pianist Kjartan Sveinsson marked a new turning point in the band’s career, but Kveikur is definitely less ethereal than Valtari, which was a melodic dreamlike wonder. still mind-blowing, this new album offers however a few “quiet” – yet tormented – songs such as the very choking Yfirborð.

one can always wonder why a band decides to release new albums in a row, but well, i have to confess that Kveikur will rejoin the pond’s collection without further delay. this new eager shot is a very good one.