Month: July, 2013

Defend Yourself

it is an astounding news. dinosaurs are really back.
the noise rock family is a big and beloved one at the pond, with Sonic Youth and Papier Tigre in pole position, and it seems that bands who had their golden age in the 90s have recently decided to thumb the nose at the newcomers.

two months ago, the dancing toad and the juicy frog had the boundless joy to see Shellac in concert at Conne Island. yep, you read it properly, Shellac of North America with Mr. Steve Albini, Mr. Trainer and Mr. Weston! an amazing 100%-power gig, with a band in top form. a big lesson of strumming guitars for the frog, by the way.

a few weeks ago, the Pixies announced both the (alas!) departure of Kim Deal (replaced by Kim Shattuck) and a new (pretty good) track, Bagboy, along with a European and American tour. incredibly, many of the dates are already sold out.


and yesterday, as i was listening to Fugazi’s excellent The Argument (2001),  i got to know that Sebadoh was about to swell the rank of the dinosaurs return.
and voilà, a small video of Lou Barlow’s band arouse today, featuring All Kinds, a new track taken from the Secret Ep, which you can listen to right now here.

since an EP means a LP, we’re happy to announce the forthcoming release on Joyful Noise of Defend Yourself on september 17th. needless to say that Sebadoh will hit the road again and delight our ears in the fall.

this bunch of news won’t help to calm down the frog’s desire to learn the guitar, damn it.



gosh, it’s been a long time. i apologise for this prolonged silence, but it seems like the frog went through an exhausting turmoil in terms of job lately.

i still need time to drag out of this turbulence period completely, but i can’t wait anymore to share with you the sublime cover of Girls In Hawaii’s new album Everest, expected on September 2nd.


the painting was made by Thierry De Cordier.
we actually wonder whether Mer Grosse (the title of the painting) was inspired by the cover of Volcano Choir or Gerhard Richter’s Seestücke. or both. or not at all. and we don’t care actually, this is beautiful anyway.

we are very impatient to purchase the vinyl of this wonder. in the meanwhile, let’s champ at the bit with this video on their chinese tour 2013.
for godsake’s when will they head to the pond?

Chelsea Light Moving @KEXP


i don’t know whether you’re aware of it, but the pond is experiencing some noisy rock turmoil, mostly due to the frog’s current addiction to electric guitars.
needless to say that a Sonic Youth’s song is actually paving each leap i make.

with no intention to develop any blablablas on Sonic Youth itself or Sonic Youth related bands, i just felt like sharing with you some excellent bike shop live performance (thanks to KEXP Seattle radio) of Thurston Moore’s new rackety band, Chelsea Light Moving.

alongside Mr. Moore, you’ll be for sure charmed by Samara Lubelski (bass), Keith Wood (guitar) and John Moloney (drums).