by juicyfrog

gosh, it’s been a long time. i apologise for this prolonged silence, but it seems like the frog went through an exhausting turmoil in terms of job lately.

i still need time to drag out of this turbulence period completely, but i can’t wait anymore to share with you the sublime cover of Girls In Hawaii’s new album Everest, expected on September 2nd.


the painting was made by Thierry De Cordier.
we actually wonder whether Mer Grosse (the title of the painting) was inspired by the cover of Volcano Choir or Gerhard Richter’s Seestücke. or both. or not at all. and we don’t care actually, this is beautiful anyway.

we are very impatient to purchase the vinyl of this wonder. in the meanwhile, let’s champ at the bit with this video on their chinese tour 2013.
for godsake’s when will they head to the pond?