Spiral Code

by juicyfrog

are you hungry?
do you crave for new music from God Is An Astronaut?

at the pond we do. and how lucky we are, for the band posted a few days ago a video of Spiral Code, the first single of Origins, a new album which will be released on Rocket Girl on 16th september. the label that recently signed the band revealed the artwork of their seventh album, once again a beautiful cover.


Spiral Code is definitely more bum-shaking than some traditional post-rock tracks the band wrote.
some delicious plaintive guitars are still hooting in the background, and there’s no doubt that this single is an excellent shot, flirting elegantly with Maserati (this isn’t a comparison, this an enthusiastic homage!). this energizing touch may come from GIAA’s new member, Pat O’Donnell, who knows?

enjoy this great video directed by Tyler Haywood and Johnny Chew!