Jean Jean

by juicyfrog

along the french noise-rock riviera, a band called Jean Jean introduces itself using (more or less) the following words:

Jean Jean is currently hitting the road in France and abroad, and will be pleased to blow your ears.

such a delicious invitation deserves careful thought.
especially when a band has such a name. in the gaulish tongue, Jean Jean (e.g. JeanJean or Jean-Jean) can be an affectionate nickname given to a frog called Jean, but it also refers to a birdbrain batrachian. we may be entitled to wonder whether the band wants to be taken seriously, but there’s actually no question about it.


because Jean Jean is an earsplitting-noise band that juggles brilliantly with math-rock, post-rock and electro symphonies which occasionally graze on delicious stoner paths. described as a bearded and bespectacled trio made of Sébastien Torregrossa (guitar), Édouard Lebrun (drums) and Jean Mass (keyboards), Jean Jean was born in 2010 and released two opuses so far, the 2010 eponymous EP, and more recently 2013’s Symmetry published by Head Records.


Jean Jean’s music will for sure ravish your ears, for the massive guitar sessions turn sometimes into some joyful (and gentle) dancing tune (Coquin l’éléphant). however be ready to go through some exquisite refreshing noise experience.
Symmetry mixes melancholic post-rock ideals with hawkish guitars and poppish tones (Love), innocent and cheerful melodies adopting some metal-like uttered words (Laser John). Jean Jean’s surprising joviality is also to be found in Vacherro or Fresher (from the EP), songs which are far away from the math-rock sphere or post-rock pigeonhole. Wonder Bras is a monument of electro and tropicana rock (as they call it) and may invite you to dance here and there, without knowing exactly why.


the most enjoyable thing about Jean Jean is that they can’t be put in a little box, for most of the existing boxes are to small for them. they have so much to offer, fantastic tunes, exhilarating guitars, perky melodies and some underlying sense of humour. if you need to be convinced about it, just lend an attentive ear (and eye) to Love.

notice that Jean Jean’s music is better served loud (by clicking on the covers to listen to the albums).