Lee Ranaldo and the Dust

by juicyfrog

yep, one of the best bands ever still breathes, despite a few ups and downs in its ECG. at least, it seems that its members will not rest until they produced the best possible music.

whereas Thurston Moore spoiled us a few months ago with the excellent first album of Chelsea Light Moving, how pampered we are, for Kim Gordon has just released with Bill Nace the first album of their project Body/Head, entitled Coming Apart.

not to mention that mr. Ranaldo will show his nose again in october, alongside Steve Shelley! not content with having released a great solo album last year (the fantastic Between the Times and the Tides), Sonic Youth’s guitarist brought Sonic Youth’s drummer, Alan Licht and Tim Luntzel round to his cause.

and here we are! Last Night On Earth by Lee Ranaldo and the Dust will be released via Matador next month. you may even delight your ears right now by clicking on the cover (thank you, New Noise!).


by the way, did anyone hear bout a possible Sonic Youth’s official split? not that i know of, so there’s no harm in dreaming of a family gathering in the next years. christmas isn’t that far, is it?!