Western Lows

by juicyfrog

the nugget of the day is due to Western Lows, a still-unknown-but-not-for-a-very-long-time exquisite shoegazing band from georgia/los angeles, with on board, Jack Burnside (guitar, vocals), Andy LeMaster (bass, vocals and production) and Clay Leverett (drums).


their first album Glacial – both released by JAXART and Highline Records – is the perfect autumn companion. now ablaze, now stroking.

the album betrays a crystal-clear sound made of aerial, flickering atmospheres supported by a husky, doleful voice. pedal effects invite you to close your eyes or make your head fall down gently, waiting for the daylight to vanish.
yet, don’t expect to fall asleep or to get cold; quite the opposite, Glacial‘s dream pop is mild and soft as a feather duvet. it wanders occasionally new wave countrysides, and, every now and then, Burnside’s voice is bathed in light through upbeat guitars. this is absolutely delicious.

what a delicate way to start the week and go into autumn quarters.