Lanterns of the Lake

by juicyfrog

today the pond calls for gentleness and tenderness. the frog is lost in a daydream made of sumptuous, soft cushions where feebleness is at its most – a delicious plenitude.

such a state of mind didn’t arise by chance, nope. it sprang to mind as i heard the first notes of The Buffalo Days, a track from Lanterns of the Lake‘s new album entitled Until the Colours Run, which was released a few weeks ago on Bella Union. despite a pitch-black opening, the song shows evidence of rainbow-like moments through a beautiful lead guitar line which brightens anxious skies. tinged with symphonic folk and post-rock waves, melancholy and warmth, the band from Newcastle couldn’t find a better home than Bella Union.

this unexpected nugget of the day is a cherry on a five-piece cake. Hazel Wilde (vocal, piano and guitar), Paul Gregory (guitar, electronics and production), Sarah Kemp (violin), Oliver Ketteringham (drums) and Andrew Scrogham (bass) joined forces on this new album, two years after the first album Gracious Tide, Take Me Home.

the poetry of Lanterns of the Lake is deeply rooted in half grey, half blue undertones. whereas the greyness suits british skies perfectly, the lyrics also illustrate pretty well the tormented times of our society, be they in britain or anywhere else.

the video of Another Tale From Another English Town directed by James Alexander Grieves confirms our assumptions but shows certain rays of light and possible happiness. despite a gloomy social climate, it’s still possible to lie down on the grass and expect brighter skies.
and while you lie down on the grass, make sure to take along Lanterns of the Lake with you, until you see colours running around you. because this new album is a very promising one.