Saffronkeira + Mario Massa (waldo, 09/10/13)

by juicyfrog


it may be simplistic to say that Denovali’s artwork and covers motivated me to discover its catalogue, but they were indeed the very reason why the frog got hooked on this music label. pure and delicate guiding lines, indisputable artistic sensitivity, shadowed and blurred impressions – perfect components of a well-executed melancholy inspired by the need to express a unique passion for sound experiments.

the music of Saffronkeira is a perfect example of Denovali‘s roster which is a temple for music venturing off the beaten track. writing on experimental music is the hardest job ever, but well, let’s give it a try.

the Waldo is a very surprising venue, a long and narrow room in the shape of a train corridor (without track). the bar occupies quite a large area, a few tables and chairs gain ground on the available space. there’s no proper stage and the piano is installed in the middle of the room, not very far from the entry door. this is the main stage for Carlos Cipa who belongs also to the Denovali’s family.
a mixing desk, a laptop, a music stand and a trumpet are in the vicinity of the imposing instrument and immediately draw my attention because they are Saffronkeira and Mario Massa’s instruments.

Saffronkeira is the ambient project of musician Eugenio Caria. possibly inspired by his native sardinia, he produces island sounds and waves which form a luxurious (persian) rug of textures and mysterious atmospheres. the tormented darkness (and insidious madness) which spreads from his first albums A New Life and Tourette are purely magnificent, especially with a headphone. it wraps you in a both warm and emotionally-charged cocoon made of feverish sound layers. needless to say that one has to be mentally sane to plunge in this pitch-black sea.

in the new concept album Cause and Effect, Saffronkeira joined together with Mario Massa, a sardinian trumpet player whose sounds wander along jazz landscapes. as they prepare themselves for the concert, i prepare the frog who is with me to this sonic experience, stressing the necessity to let oneself go.

the bleak lapping sounds of Saffronkeira slowly envelop the venue. layers of background sounds generate a comfortable glowing tapestry on which Mario Massa lay, little by little, mesmerising, ghostly trumpet melodies. this fantastic association of squeaking and percussing sounds with muffling and celestial notes transport us into some kind of unknown and warm space. whereas all tracks performed tonight sound almost improvised, they follow the same complex line and create an harmonic ensemble that never gets lost in the maze of boredom. they take us quite far away, calling for nature and barren environments, almost inviting us to some kind of rebirth.

waking up from such beautiful reverie is pretty unpleasant and it’s hard to come back to urban territories. Mario Massa and Saffronkeira gave a great introduction to Carlos Cipa‘s classical piano compositions, but the frog already dreams of a unique evening with them. in a smaller and homelike venue, where anyone could abandon him or herself to a sumptuous aerial well of harmonics.