These New Puritans

by juicyfrog

yesterday, as the frog was surfing the pond’s net, its mind brought into some wellness torpor which endured even in the morning, when i eventually decided to lend a puzzled ear to These New Puritans.
my goodness, this very version of Fragment Two featuring the fado singer Elisa Rodrigues and a live brass is a pure wonder.

These New Puritans

Field of Reeds is the third album of this mysterious london-based band, headed by Jack Barnett, George Barnett and Thomas Hein.
released in last june on Infectious Music, this new record is a surprising meditative blend of rock and neoclassical music that was recorded over twelve months in three different studios, with more than thirty-eight session musicians! you may want to check out the impressive list of the album’s personnel to confirm the veracity of these figures.

no need to dwell on blablas, this is the indisputable nugget of the day (and of the week, maybe the month…). beware, this is pure magnificence.