by juicyfrog

talking about your neighbour, it’s time to celebrate the new year with a new series. a naughty (but tasty) one if your neighbour enjoys mariachi music, volksmusik or oom-pah.
contempt is the revenge of the weak and the time has come for action.
to tantalise your neighbour, we will offer you songs which may sound unusual, bizarre, loud, funny and/or barmy but worthy to be referred as “music” (and good music).

today, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Igorrr‘s crazy music.
Igorrr, aka Gautier Serre, is a French baroquecore composer and multi-instrumentalist. his last (fourth) album Hallelujah, released in 2012 via the excellent very noisy label Ad Noiseam, was a perfect mix of breakcore, baroque classical music and metal.

Vegetable Soup features Igorrr’s own hen, Patrick, whereas Tout Petit Moineau features the delicious voice of Laure Le Prunenec, a baroque singer.

if your neighbour is friendly:

if your neighbour listens to oomp-pah:

don’t forget to turn the volume on the highest possible level and to savour the instant.