by juicyfrog

how could the frog possibly put so much sweat in this very website without even dedicating a proper line to one of its favourite bands? how could i have them among my timeless favs and pretend as if all of you knew them? against all the evidence, my unending enthusiasm blew my mind.

blow one’s mind? yeah, this very expression is just perfect, because the first time i listened to them, i positively lost my reason. not to mention the majestic blast i experienced when i saw them in concert with Camera at Naherholung Sternchen in 2012. this marked the beginning of a pure spliff adventure, without a drop of alcohol nor being on drugs. pure madness only.

ladies and gentlemen, it’s high time we right wrongs and spend some time with the greatest italian rock/beat/dubstep/noise/dark band of this last decade.
are you ready to aucanize?


holy year of 2007. Aucan sees the light in lombardie, italy, under the form of an internet remote music project between Jo Ferliga (vocals, synthesizer, sampler and harmonized guitars), Dario Dassenno (drums, ex-member of Were Like Tetris Royal Orchestra) and Francesco D’Abbraccio (synthesizer and guitar effects). a year later the band has the splendid idea to allure Julien Fernandez (you’ll know more about him soon… stay tuned!) and enter the roster of one of the best french experimental labels ever, Africantape that releases their first untitled album in 2008.

a first great shot, stroking with forceful math-rock and rock-noise influences, a first breath of tempered air, yet not tempestuous due to electro notes. nothing to be afraid of, as this audiorama will tell your delighted ears.

in 2010, DNA gives us some clues in five chapters about the band’s new direction. the EP shows a more affirming sound, along with symptoms of bad-tempered noise rock (Rooko), false light-hearted song (DNA) and space ethereal atmospheres (The Darkest Light, a 15-minute track). yet, the incredible warning dub signs of Crisis paves clearly the way to the 2011’s big bang.

and it is precisely through Aucan’s punchy, strong-arm second album that the frog dived into madness, into a superb and uncoloured rainbow.


Black Rainbow opens with a seemingly inoffensive track (Blurred) introducing Angela Kinczly’s voice that lulled us to prepare the ground to some muffled and tortured dubstep/electro vibes. the door to coldness and disquiet is now unlocked and tolls the knell of a forty-six-minute anxiety crisis.

the disconcerting track list is a bold mise en scène. in the foreground, the phenomenal Sound Pressure Level and Underwater Music unearth implacable mind-blowing weapons, while in the middle distance, genuine electronic rockets break free with Heartless and Red Minoga. more than once, a rainbow appears between two furious exhilarating sounds,  giving way to a less tormented Storm. the (false) trivial Embarque and In a Land discover a short foreboding hiatus prior to a maze of hopeless and woebegone landscapes, aided by naughty dark beats and apocalyptic singing (Save Yourself). not to mention the rage of an unchanged and revolting daily routine, which breaks open with Away! – supported by a repetitive addicting line that definitely plunges you into a dejected turmoil, if you had resisted it so far.

any resemblance to past math-rock influences is purely coincidental, for Black Rainbow‘s atomic mix of genres is a thrilling and 1,000-volt doped tour de force. Black Rainbow, the eponymous final track, ends our journey with an unfiltered darkness and a tortuous blasting wind. a nerve-racking wonder.

when the silence eventually comes back, you may go through a moment of abandon before feeling the need to listen to the album again, and again, until addiction. it’s perfectly normal and it’s only the beginning. dubcore is on its way!