Winds With Hands

by juicyfrog

the wind of post-rock has been blowing on the pond since late december, making the juicy frog as happy as larry.
it is pretty difficult to put words on this delicious feeling, how magnificent it is to let oneself fall into an ocean of enjoyable depression, mostly made of guitars, bass and drums. the frog enjoys vanishing into meditative melancholy and darkness – the simple but orgasmic pleasure to be lost in thought, to slide on a exquisite suicidal slope from which a few guitar riffs draw you, with a terrible desire to blow up the entire planet.


tonight i would like to invite you to gaze at stavropol, russia, where Winds With Hands, a (possibly new) band took a name dear to Pelican‘s heart and perpetrates post-rock, post-metal genres with an album called (untitled). on board, Alexander Buharin (guitar), Alexander Lukyanov (bass) and Ivan Karagidyan (drums) show us how a three-piece personal can make you forget about your pointless life. it seems like the trio works as well on side-project called One Day In December in which they are rejoined by a fourth guitar thief, a certain Kirill.

but to get back to the subject, do not expect any revolution, let you simply be carried away by some atmospheric instrumental nifty tunes, because this is the magic recipe for a successful post-rocking escapade.


delicious guitars make you plunge body and soul Into the North Sea, and experience indolent angry notes and bleak melodies. threatening drums hammer at the door to remind you that this-is-no-good-mood-stuff until a delicate guitar line creates a sudden rupture and quietens down this dive to nowhere, but into the mournful depths of the north sea.
you may be ready to brave the Eternal Winter, which thrilling aggressive post-metal rhythms open gallantly the road to hell. Winds With Hands steer with talent post-rock and post-metal variations, and whereas one shouldn’t fear breaking through heavy metal or hard rock, this very song is a killing metal one.

with Closing Date, delicacy, elegance and restrained anger are also on the agenda, even if the tempest effects are clearly being felt. rage flirts with both tenderness and spleen, how delightful. somehow you may expect a climax to come, to make things implode before you explode, and you will quicken the pace patiently with the excellent Always The Same.
a few notes later, irascible guitars serves as an introduction to Decline Of The Empire, creating the expected stir and roaring like a throbbing motor ready to jam. the time has come to let your possible anger being swallowed in tormented abysses where a free-fall jump will set you free.

Winds With Hands take you to an initiation journey with a polished epilogue that drags you down into fuming blazing metal riffs. a soothing auspicious line puts the finishing touches to this brilliant first shot.

if you feel comfortable after sharpening your ears to (untitled), you may have reached a boiling point. welcome to the post-rock orbit, and say hello to post-metal.