by juicyfrog

would you believe Maserati is an automotive brand mark, we are pleased today to offer you a change of scenery and a killing journey through instrumental music – mixing post, math, space and psychedelic rock influences.


a four-piece ensemble, Maserati is a standard drums-guitar-bass band, with added-value synthesizers, from Athens (Georgia) that was formed in 2010. if the band went through various personnel configurations over the years, today both guitars are still under the responsibility of Coley Dennis and Matt Cherry. Chris McNeal excels at bass and Mike Albanese, who brilliantly took over for the late Jerry Fuchs‘ impressive compositions, is an absolute master of booming drums.

Maserati released an ambitious first album in 2002, The Language of Cities on Kindercore Records, which lurked without blushing behind beautiful and quiet post-rock influences.
previous to their union with Temporary Residence in 2007 that gave birth to Inventions for the New Season, the band also took part in two splits with The Mercury Program and We Versus The Shark.
in 2009, Maserati published a collection of rarities called Passages (2009) introducing the amazing Monolith which already showed electronic notes, and three more disputable remixes. it was followed, the very same year, by a split with the fantastic Zombi.
the outstanding and definitely more aggressive Pyramid of the Sun (on which Zombi’s Steve Moore appears) saw the light one year later, succeeded by Maserati VII in 2012. this latter left aside post-rock influences to reach a tremendous sound, more space-rock inspired, and the first vocoded voices.

i am afraid that i couldn’t describe the band better than Temporary Residence Ltd does:

Maserati is as sleek, sexy and sophisticated as the legendary Italian sports car it takes its name from. It is fitting, then, that the band has dragged the glory years of psychedelic arena rock kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, with the pomposity (and vocals) carefully removed. In its place are white hot flashes of light pulsing to an unstoppable rhythm that makes us want to punch air and drive really fast in a car with wings instead of doors.

so if you are ready to take a fast ride in the air, put your seat belt on and enjoy this 2011 KEXP’s session.