Son Lux

by juicyfrog

holy cow, it seems like spring decided to grant us generous sunbeams and quite fine and exquisite surprises. and today we are in company with La Blogothèque (again).

you may know that La Blogothèque invented two types of original music shows entitled Les Soirées de Poche / Pocket Parties and Les Concerts à Emporter / Take-Away Shows.

the Take-Away Shows are video podcasts that present musicians and bands interpreting a few songs in the street, in a pub, in a public place – mostly while they promote a new album or offer a public concert in the evening.
in this manner, you go long with the bands who stroll in the street or enter a pub for a song time.

with the Pocket Parties, you slip into someone’s apartment to experience music as you never did before. the music scene is the apartment itself, kindly loaned by a gentle music enthusiast, and generously pierces the intimacy of a band.

these very videos are pretty magical and unique. through them, you experience a real closeness and warmth, and share a very precious instant.
and today we would like to offer you some precious moment.


with a fantastic Soirée de Poche dedicated to the amazing Son Lux.
for the occasion, Ryan Lott, aka Son Lux, revisited his repertoire and proposed six alternative tracks taken from his last album Lanterns – among which a magnificent cover of Easy.
this music session evinces that Ryan Lott is not just a talented and skilful music laboratory assistant, but a brilliant cover master and composer as well.

the following video will probably make you drool and you just need to click on the above picture to attend the full thirty-minute show.