Month: April, 2014


this morning i woke up thinking of Tortoise and their amazing 1998 album TNT that showed amazing jazz influences compared with the band’s first or last albums, which, in turn, are more turned towards a great instrumental experimentation platform to post-rock and electronica.


so this morning, i listened again to Beacons of Ancestorship (their latest album from 2009) and felt ashamed to have slightly forgotten the great opener High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In, such as a few fantastic tracks, i.e. Northern Something or Penumbra.
so this morning, as i had a quick look online, i was offered a perfect easter present.


to celebrate this post from the Chicago band, how about (re)discovering Prepare your coffin, one of Tortoise’s best songs from Beacons of Ancestorship?


Fuckers/Dream Baby Dream

on May 5th, Savages will regale us with a new EP dubbed Fuckers/Dream Baby Dream, recorded at their London Forum show on late november.
would you feel like making your mouth watering, we encourage you to enjoy this one minute starter.


in response to Aucan‘s invitation to Riot, we invite you to a rampage in one click.
you will first receive some food for your mind and then enjoy animated images to watch. punchy, isn’t it?


If Music Was That Easy

this is new, brand new, and this is a breaking news!

If Music Was That Easy is the first new song produced since 2005 by Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudło, aka Skalpel  — an incredible polish nu jazz band who blends elements of hip hop beats with samples of polish jazz records of 60s and 70s.

this new track is featured on If, the limited edition 2LP released by Ninja Tune to celebrate 10th anniversary of If Music.

introducing Kippi Kaninus

2004 was the holy year the frog went to its homeland made of volcanoes, glaciers and gorgeous puffins. during the very summer of this year, i fully comprehended that what one could enjoy and refer as “noise” was actually a sound, which in turn could actually be music. what a revelation for a young music addict who was at that time crazy about Múm‘s Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK.

and this is precisely at 12 Tónar shop in Reykjavik that the frog discovered the excellent Kippi Kaninus, with Huggun (2002) and I Am A Good Boy (2004).

the music of Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson (aka Kippi Kaninus) enchanted me with his soft organic electronica, organic and inner-searching, as if penetrating within the inside, listening to pencils being sharpened, exploring bings bangs bongs on the rim of a cooking pot, scratching the inside part of a walnut… and travelling beyond the possible and common borders of instrument sound.

whereas Kippi’s first albums played along glacial, minimalist and hypnotic fields, you could capture the beauty of deforested landscapes where a clear desire to experiment things in a cheerful way was palpable. neither pretentious nor depressive, Huggun was a modest and promising act. in 2005 came Happens Secretly, from which arouse a new meditative soundscape, where warmer cinematic landscapes (the fantastic whyshouldtheyounghavefaith) and heady melodies were filled with rich structured layers.

as Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson slipped out of this one-man project to convey amiina tender electronic shades (from 2009), i wondered whether this would give Kippi a new impetus. and you just can’t imagine how happy the frog felt, when it discovered on KEXP this fantastic Kippi Kaninus’ session dating 2013 and announcing a new album.


Temperaments was indeed released in late february on Mengi and clearly takes the shape of a joyful joint brainstorming, featuring Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson (trumpet), Ingi Garðar Erlendsson (trombone, thranophone), Pétur Ben (guitar), Magnús Tryggvason Eliassen (drums), Óttar Sæmundssen (bass) and Sigtryggur Baldursson (percussions). we haven’t had the chance to listen to the full album yet, but Temperaments is a very enjoyable incomer.

better than words, a thirty-minute session to make you understand why Kippi Kaninus deserves your attention. isn’t it briliant?


My Brightest Diamond vs. Son Lux

today, one of our favourite singers meets one of the most inspired composers.
indeed, as My Brightest Diamond decided to release her Shark Remixes in 2010, Son Lux revisited Inside a Boy and To Pluto’s Moon, among others.

Inside A Boy, with My Brightest Diamond’s splendid orchestration,

Inside A Boy through Son Lux’ dazzling eyes.

To Pluto’s Moon, an original wonder by My Brightest Diamond,

To Pluto’s Moon, reinvented by Son Lux.

happy friday!

Hotel Books

tonight we’d like to introduce you to a spoken-word band that rooted us on the spot as we listened to this

for the first time.

Everything We Could Have Done Differently is a full-bodied compilation of B-sides and EPs discovered via Post-Engineering‘s excellent website.
this is indeed how we got to know this perfect and original synergy between spoken, slam poetry and post-rock named Hotel Books.

when introducing itself, Hotel Books makes use of the following words:

It’s not about sharing finances, or even art, it’s about sharing love.
This all started because we believe Love exists, and you deserve to experience it.
We believe in God, and we believe in Love. But also, we believe that if you don’t believe in God, you still deserve to be loved.
Love is not exclusive.

originally initiated in september 2011 in California by Cameron Smith in charge of the beautifully emotive text part and Kevin Glaudel as the guitar-inspirer of the melodies, this swing-wing band gathers today Cam (vocals, lyrics) and Jordan Leal (guitar, music composer), along with Dan Colasanto (drums) and Jonny Blackwell (bass guitar).
aerial ambient waves interwoven graceful soundscapes and poetic raw texts inspired by Smith’s own personal life.
Smith’s voice may vociferate, growl, choke, hurl, but it mostly spouts sumptuous texts which will move you to the bones.

Hotel Books first appeared in 2012 with Call Me Human, a first LP written and recorded in seven days.

as far as the band name, it is actually a metaphor, as Cam Smith points out in this interview.

most people think that it means Gideon Bibles but it actually means something different. my life is like a hotel; people come and people go. some people come because they want to visit, others come just to party and trash it and expect me to clean up after them.

one of the latest releases of the band was published in december 2013 via bandcamp under the form of a three-track EP named I Am Almost Happy Here. the song titles lay the band’s cards on the table unambiguously, with Lose One Friend, Lose All Friends and Lose Yourself. this is a direct immersion into Cam Smith’s poetry and will give you a few clues of Smith’s early fiends:

I had a rough time in high school struggling with depression, suicide and teen angst. I started Hotel Books as a way to express to others that they are not alone in struggle.

Hotel Books is therefore a very generous initiative to prevent us from toppling to the ground irreparably.

with this EP, Hotel Books intended to build a new sound and vision for the band, after an extensive tour through the USA, Australia and Europe in 2013.

today the band presents Constant Collapse, a new song preceding their forthcoming album I’m Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home. this second album will be released very soon as a vinyl on Dream Atlantic Records

if you can’t easily understand the lyrics, just click on the following cover which will open the original page with the text.


and before you start giving way to meditation, let us terminate this post à la Cam Smith, with three short words.

You are Loved.

High Ball Stepper

we don’t know if you heard about it, but Lazaretto will be released in june on his own label Third Man Records.
yeah, Jack White will be back in town soon and is gentle enough to offer us the tune of the day, High Ball Stepper.