Hotel Books

by juicyfrog

tonight we’d like to introduce you to a spoken-word band that rooted us on the spot as we listened to this

for the first time.

Everything We Could Have Done Differently is a full-bodied compilation of B-sides and EPs discovered via Post-Engineering‘s excellent website.
this is indeed how we got to know this perfect and original synergy between spoken, slam poetry and post-rock named Hotel Books.

when introducing itself, Hotel Books makes use of the following words:

It’s not about sharing finances, or even art, it’s about sharing love.
This all started because we believe Love exists, and you deserve to experience it.
We believe in God, and we believe in Love. But also, we believe that if you don’t believe in God, you still deserve to be loved.
Love is not exclusive.

originally initiated in september 2011 in California by Cameron Smith in charge of the beautifully emotive text part and Kevin Glaudel as the guitar-inspirer of the melodies, this swing-wing band gathers today Cam (vocals, lyrics) and Jordan Leal (guitar, music composer), along with Dan Colasanto (drums) and Jonny Blackwell (bass guitar).
aerial ambient waves interwoven graceful soundscapes and poetic raw texts inspired by Smith’s own personal life.
Smith’s voice may vociferate, growl, choke, hurl, but it mostly spouts sumptuous texts which will move you to the bones.

Hotel Books first appeared in 2012 with Call Me Human, a first LP written and recorded in seven days.

as far as the band name, it is actually a metaphor, as Cam Smith points out in this interview.

most people think that it means Gideon Bibles but it actually means something different. my life is like a hotel; people come and people go. some people come because they want to visit, others come just to party and trash it and expect me to clean up after them.

one of the latest releases of the band was published in december 2013 via bandcamp under the form of a three-track EP named I Am Almost Happy Here. the song titles lay the band’s cards on the table unambiguously, with Lose One Friend, Lose All Friends and Lose Yourself. this is a direct immersion into Cam Smith’s poetry and will give you a few clues of Smith’s early fiends:

I had a rough time in high school struggling with depression, suicide and teen angst. I started Hotel Books as a way to express to others that they are not alone in struggle.

Hotel Books is therefore a very generous initiative to prevent us from toppling to the ground irreparably.

with this EP, Hotel Books intended to build a new sound and vision for the band, after an extensive tour through the USA, Australia and Europe in 2013.

today the band presents Constant Collapse, a new song preceding their forthcoming album I’m Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home. this second album will be released very soon as a vinyl on Dream Atlantic Records

if you can’t easily understand the lyrics, just click on the following cover which will open the original page with the text.


and before you start giving way to meditation, let us terminate this post à la Cam Smith, with three short words.

You are Loved.