My Father My King

by juicyfrog

to celebrate the forthcoming weekend (and offer a following to our previous post), we’d like to share with you a song by Mogwai that has been left out of the history music books unjustly. well, not completely unforgiven, but when referring to Mogwai, the first killing melodies which may come to mind are (too) obviously New Paths to Helicon, Parts 1 & 2Like Herod or Mogwai Fear Satan

My Father My King is in its way an amazing twenty-minute piece, which was released in addition to Rock Action (2001) and engineered/mixed by Steve Albini. your expert ears may also notice the presence of a cello (Caroline Barber) and a violin (Luke Sutherland).

Hear our prayer we have sinned before thee have compassion upon us and upon our children helps us bring an end to pestilence, war and famine cause all hate and oppression to vanish from the earth inscribe us for blessing in thy book of life let the new year be a good year for us.

these were for the (unsung) words accompanying the music.
and now for the music.