Codes In The Clouds vs. The Echelon Effect

by juicyfrog

today we explore two beautiful ambient styles, in order to escape the sullenness of the past days and thank the summer for its good sunny vibes.
well, as a matter of fact, this very summer has just turned back into fall again, as i decided to leave the frog’s den and spend a little time with you.
and yet, now that skies are virtually as grey as the cover of Paper Canyon, we couldn’t find a better moment to celebrate again and again the fantastic Codes In The Clouds.

so today, how about rejoicing with two exhilarating music projects made in England, but in grey shades?
on one hand, the freshness of a cinematic post rock with the excellent Codes In The Clouds, that had already set a precedent in the pond, as the frog was still a tadpole, unable to speak any other languages than its mother tongue.
and to bring this freshness even more beans and a feel-happy-as-a-clam note, it may be appropriate, on the other hand, to use a laptop, a few loops, some field recordings, a glockenspiel, and, why not, ask David Walters of The Echelon Effect, whether he could participate to an uplifting experience?

on the program today, a great song from Codes In The Clouds’ first album Paper Canyon released in 2009 on Erased Tapes, remixed by The Echelon Effect, which physical copies of their last double-album Atlantic/Pacific (featuring Ciaran Morahan from CITC) should be realised soon.

the brilliant A Distance Between Us, with CITC’s delicate but non-cheesy guitars,

and a very euphoric and joyful remix by The Echelon Effect,