I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

by juicyfrog

my, oh my.

8 years ago, an album called Fear Is On Our Side devastated the frog and set a precedent in the pond’s favourites of all times.


the texan band who disappeared without a word – keeping the frog in an infinite despair each time the winter downs – has just came round and will make the forthcoming fall bright.
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, which only name is the best homage ever to darkness and melancholy, will release Dust on 28th october on Secretly Canadian. the follow-up to 2006′s Fear Is On Our Side – a sumptuous album of tormented pitch-black rock – is announced to be loaded with dark and driving rock, how delightful.
this second album will be produced by former Ministry’s bassist/keyboardist Paul Barker, who already supervised the production of Fear Is On Our Side.

but let’s go straight to the point and wonder our ears with Faust, a first single which opens a door to very enjoyable silver-grey skies.


welcome back into the darkness.