Month: October, 2014

The Afghan Whigs are lost in the woods

echoing quickly one of our latest canidea posts, The Afghan Whigs make us to understand clearly why it might be suitable to leave the woods when the surroundings start to darken.

despite the beauty spread by Lost In The Woods (taken from the Wighs’ last album Do The Beast), this very aesthetic video directed by Phil Harder conveys a disquieting and shady atmosphere which matches beautifully the song lyrics.

would you be lost in the woods, it might be the appropriate moment for howling at full volume.


chicken stories with Igorrr


if Igorrr never hid his sympathy for gallus gallus domesticus, you only have to listen to Vegetable Soup (which features his own chicken Patrick) to confirm this established fact.

with My Chicken’s Symphony, Igorrr strikes again and proves that even chickens can be music lovers and activists.

this is a serious reason to stop eating chicken, isn’t it?!


Liars’ Mask Maker

thanks to the Blogothèque, we got to know that the former gigantic Rungis fish market in paris is now a gloomy but fantastic art space that provided (on a silver platter) the Empty Space series with an unusual, oversized room – fish stench included.

if one might reasonably think how-on-earth Rungis could be the ideal gig venue, La Blogothèque had flair and offered the place to the one and only band who could challenge it: Liars.

the peerless band could not expect a better metallic reverb for Mask Maker, which suited perfectly their constant thirst for experimentation.

long live Rungis and Liars!



are you ready to defy the most respectful and majestic animal of the planet?
and show your neighbours that blues guitars may be as exhilarating as garage ones?

native of the saskatchewanian woods, the beast who was born as Jordan Cook took the moniker of Reignwolf as he needed to answer an urgent call of raw blues nature. the wolf lets loose bleeding guitars, thick riffs that recall some dusty deserts where the pack moan deliciously. this very wolf will make you sweat, without question.

before Reignwolf moved to Seattle to throw out his raging ardour, he gained attention for his concerts, consisting mostly of Cook himself playing solo with any instruments he could get his hands on (have a look at the Arte’s wild concert at 19:15 to see his astounding performance on Electric Love). when touring at Eurockéennes late july, he was joined by his brother Stitch (who is no fool either when playing the guitar) and the edgy Jordan Braley on drums.

it seems that until recently, the band has only released three official singles, but we are pretty sure that a first album will see the light soon. such talent can’t remain silent.

it’s now time for you to howl savagely with Reignwolf, and please, make some noise.

Cloud Nothings’ Now Hear In

if you haven’t listened yet to Cloud Nothings’ latest noisy jewel, Here and Nowhere Else, released in late April, this is the occasion to apprehend completely the band’s music style – a thrilling garage rock, with frenzied speeding-ups and feverish slowing-downs,

Now Here In is directed by Jordan Blackmon of Toro Y Moi.