Month: December, 2014

Papier Tigre’s I Am Someone Who Dies

the end of the day is always an opportune moment to have a wild ride. especially when Papier Tigre pair with Timo Hateau and Gérald Fleury.



it’s been a while since I wanted to tell you about Mondkopf, but as you may know, it is sometimes difficult to put words on a music that throws you in a wells of apocalyptic beauty and joyful despair. nevertheless, now that the decision has been made to pitchfork Hadès into pole position of our yearly top of the top, it is high time to loosen our tongue.

it is demanding to think of a better nickname for Paul Régimbeau aka Mondkopf, precisely because Mondkopf‘s fourth album takes you to the very clouds, to the moon, and more specifically to an atmospheric, hopeless inferno. released in february on Régimbeau’s own label In Paradisum, Hadès is a very dark, woebegone album, a masterpiece of doom inspiration. the opening Hadès I lays Mondkopf’s cards on the table, with trumpets and choirs that seem to foretell the abode of the dead. more frightening is this impression to still have time to resist an implacable apocalypse. a little bit as if you were in The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

Hadès unfolds a terrible — but how magnificent — plot. organs are rejoined by bruiser beats to chant the beginning of hostilities (Eternal Dust), shrill vibrations and knuckle-duster beats trumpet the beast agony (Hadès II). disquieting, industrial sounds paired with ethereal laments fade into a mournful requiem that heralds the end of the world (Here Come The Whispers). high-pitched flares send desperate signs (The Stars Are Falling ). this bloody, epic journey comes to a dead end with a sequence of threatening punches, trembling chants, blank machine guns.

without disfiguring the album, the very clubby Cause And Cure and Immolate show evidences of Paul Régimbeau’s techno/house background, which may find a better echo in his first albums and numerous remixes — and also in his new, excellent grindcore side-project under the moniker of Extreme Precautions.

if the right of entry to this wide-awake nightmare is immediate and very addictive, the indisputable beauty of Hadès should not be mistaken. despair and doom-laden atmospheres are very inspiring ; they nourish the splendour of life, especially before dusk takes us to the point of no return. so there is no reason to deny ourselves this outstandingly intelligent album, one of the top few of 2014 and our favourite of the year.

You Are Dead To Me


after unwrapping beautifully the season of melancholy and sadness with a second unexpected album, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness has recently published a video of You Are Dead To Me, which depressive tone was superbly captured by Jesse Gelaznik.

the band also announced two dates with the fantastic Spoon in 30th and 31st December in Houston and Dallas. could it be the opening of a european tour in 2015.
there is no limit to what we can hope for, isn’t it?


hip,hip, hurrah, the greatest tigers of all time are back to light up our christmas tree!

no need to beat about the bush but simply open an ear to a few raw tunes by Papier Tigre who isn’t lacking in inspiration nor in guitar riffs.

Small and Old Country is an unreleased track of Papier Tigre’s 2011 Recreation recording session. loud, rough and very alluring, just as Recreation itself.

their cover of Papaye‘s excellent Watermelon Frappé is a pure piece of jewellery with fresh tunes of ragging metal-ish guitars and inspired hooting, yummy. the cover was previously released on Kythibong’s 2o12 sampler Décénie : Couverture.

part of their 4-way split with Electric Electric, Marvin and Pneu (2010), the very surprising but efficient Intelligent Horses, gives us to discover curious, contrasting background vocoder choirs that (luckily) remain in the background. when they get angry, the guitars are killing ones, damned it.

in case you don’t know about them, the above-named names are among the best bands of the french riviera. so stay tuned and bless the tigers who will start recording their fourth full album in january.