by juicyfrog

hip,hip, hurrah, the greatest tigers of all time are back to light up our christmas tree!

no need to beat about the bush but simply open an ear to a few raw tunes by Papier Tigre who isn’t lacking in inspiration nor in guitar riffs.

Small and Old Country is an unreleased track of Papier Tigre’s 2011 Recreation recording session. loud, rough and very alluring, just as Recreation itself.

their cover of Papaye‘s excellent Watermelon Frappé is a pure piece of jewellery with fresh tunes of ragging metal-ish guitars and inspired hooting, yummy. the cover was previously released on Kythibong’s 2o12 sampler Décénie : Couverture.

part of their 4-way split with Electric Electric, Marvin and Pneu (2010), the very surprising but efficient Intelligent Horses, gives us to discover curious, contrasting background vocoder choirs that (luckily) remain in the background. when they get angry, the guitars are killing ones, damned it.

in case you don’t know about them, the above-named names are among the best bands of the french riviera. so stay tuned and bless the tigers who will start recording their fourth full album in january.