Month: January, 2015

Peter Kernel’s High Fever

Thrill Addict, Peter Kernel’s third album, will be released on 19th january on On The Camper — their own label — but we are invited at once to savour the first video from this new LP called High Fever.
please note that this song is better served loud and in a bed.


top of the top: 2014

my oh my, 2014 was a killing year, with so many nuggets that the pond exploded its vinyl budget without being able to purchase any twelve-inches the frog desired to possess. the to-purchase-list became even more longer and i just can’t wait to visit my record shop again!
but no more waffle, let’s go (and do not forget that your mouse will forward you from puzzling pictures to dreamlike tunes)!

best albums of the pond

1. Hadès, Mondkopf

2. Otta, Sólstafir

3. Mess, Liars

4. Close To The Glass, The Notwist

5. RTJ2, Run The Jewels

6. Here And Nowhere, Cloud Nothings

7. Refractory Obturate, Wovenhand

8. Guilty of Everything, Nothing

9. Everybody Down, Kate Tempest

10. Zubberdust, Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche

11. King Nine, Blueneck

best songs of the pond
1. Pattern Walks, Cloud Nothings
2. Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck), Run The Jewels
3. Every Morning, J. Mascis
4. Run, Run, Run, The Notwist
5. Buy Gold (Beat Song), Oiseaux-Tempête

best concerts of the pond
Swans @Berghain, november
Jealousy Mountain Duo + Amigo Tropical @ausland, march
Mono + The Shaking Sensations @C-Club, december
HKZ @Flow Festival, august
Anna Calvi @Maschinenhaus, march

killing surprise of the pond
how post and math rock can lead to (post) metal, with elegance and shouting beauties

best discoveries of the pond
Cult of Luna + Swans

best label of the pond
just to set a precedent — Constellation Records, for enlightening the winter with the fantastic Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche, a quintessence of the vanished Fly Pan Am

most artistic cover of the pond
The Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness, Mono

best album artwork of the pond
King Nine, Blueneck

greatest moments of the pond
Denovali’s Swingfest in Essen, a unexpected mix of warmth, cheerfulness, friendship and blowing music

je-ne-sais-quoi of the pond
shivering at Ensemble Economique’s feverish concert and supping Pharmakon’s introductory gig to Swans without alcohol nor drugs. and discovering the unexpected and spellbinding second album of I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness.