Month: March, 2015

(forever) Spoon

it’s true that the pond has been getting closer to (post) metal for the past weeks, but it just can’t turn its back on a band that reminds it how life may be (sometimes) beautiful.

They Want My Soul, Spoon’s last album released in 2014 is an indie rock nugget, that kind of unsuspected jewel –made of fantastic melodies following the example of I Just Don’t Understand, very bum-shaking songs such as Do You, Outlier or Rainy Taxi, or Knock Knock Knock, an amazing falsely ballad which turns mad–, all strengthened by the terrific half-broken voice of Britt Daniel.

so there is no surprise that this (too) short Take Away Session from La Blogothèque featuring Jim Eno and Britt Daniel is a breathtaking one.



spring is at our doorstep and birds are peeping again. storm-birds like.

Ütopiya is the title of Oiseaux-Tempête‘s second album, which will be released on 20th April on Sub Rosa. the same personnel is part of this new chapter but the first song we are offered by the band shows Gareth Davis’ free-jazz bass clarinet wrestling with Frédéric D. Oberland’s blazing mad guitar. Stéphane Pigneul (electric bass, acoustic & electric guitars) and Ben Mc Connell (drums) join forces with a newcomer, and not an unknown one, but Mr. G.W. Sok (from The Ex among others) at vocals.

on this new eleven-song album, texts are no field-recordings inspired by Greece tackling the economical crisis – as on Oiseaux-Tempête’s eponymous first album –, but recordings from Sicily, Istanbul or Marmara Bölgesi, along with poems by Nazim Hikmet translated from turkish to english.

open your ears to On Living and discover G.W. Sok’s phrasing that comes to rest on the fabulous instruments of these very tormented birds.



non content with having blasted Extreme Precautions off, an edgy and brutal side-project recorded at top speed shortly after Mondkopf’s grandiose Hadès, Paul Régimbeau stroke once again – showing clear signs of indefatigably and endless appetency for tortuous projects.

a less-tempered collaborative album is about to see the light at In Paradisum, with Mondkopf and his label mate, Gef Buffier of Saåad at the controls. wandering from the more techno ambient Last Love composed for 2013’s The Black Ideal compilation, which showed a first teamwork between Mondkopf and the drone/dark ambient Saåad (as the entire duo for the occasion), Autrenoir appears to seek more disconsolate and murky depths. perceptible shades of darkness herald some ghastly winter storm in Nuit, the first song which was released this week.

it is highly recommended to discover this new artwork with this video made by As Human Pattern, who were already responsible for beautifully poetic and dark-inspired videos for Mondkopf, Extreme Precautions and Saåad.

SUUNS + Jerusalem In My Heart


pairing an unclassifiable band with an other unpigeonholeable sibling is a very challenging but how zealous adventure, especially when the final artwork of these both bands may give rise to an experimental breaker.

SUUNS and long-time friend Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, aka Jerusalem In My Heart, opted for a cloistered recording week in 2012, prior to the release of both JIMH’s excellent first album Mo7it Al-Mo7it (on Constellation Records) and SUUNS’ thrilling Images Du Futur.

absorbed in their respective projects, the beauty was put to sleep a little while before this collaborative scheme could be brought to an end with

vibe-laden songs featuring heavy analog synths, Arabic influences and electronic sensibilities.

expected on 04/14/14 on Secretly Canadian, And Jerusalem In My Heart will feature seven songs, which only titles augurs well for what is to follow.

2amoutu I7tirakan
In Touch
Gazelles In Flight
3attam Babey

a first foretaste surfaced today with Gazelles In Flight, an amazing visual experience by Charles-André Coderre which serves magnificently a project that still remains alluring and mysterious.

we don’t know about you, but we are fidgeting to let the whole set embrace our ears.