by juicyfrog


non content with having blasted Extreme Precautions off, an edgy and brutal side-project recorded at top speed shortly after Mondkopf’s grandiose Hadès, Paul Régimbeau stroke once again – showing clear signs of indefatigably and endless appetency for tortuous projects.

a less-tempered collaborative album is about to see the light at In Paradisum, with Mondkopf and his label mate, Gef Buffier of Saåad at the controls. wandering from the more techno ambient Last Love composed for 2013’s The Black Ideal compilation, which showed a first teamwork between Mondkopf and the drone/dark ambient Saåad (as the entire duo for the occasion), Autrenoir appears to seek more disconsolate and murky depths. perceptible shades of darkness herald some ghastly winter storm in Nuit, the first song which was released this week.

it is highly recommended to discover this new artwork with this video made by As Human Pattern, who were already responsible for beautifully poetic and dark-inspired videos for Mondkopf, Extreme Precautions and Saåad.