Month: May, 2015

fit for the summer (1)

riding on the wave of news related to The Dodos, the ponds offers you today some physical exercises to enter the summer in top condition without following any yoga or fitness sessions, but rather swaying your well-padded hips with upper-crust dance teachers.

yes, today, we are delighted to invite you to a (modern) ballet discovery with the graceful Dodos.

the dancers are Meric Long and Logan Kroeber.
the video was made by Tyler McPherron.
the music is Competition, a spruce song from The Dodos’ last album Individ.

make sure to watch the video once and then follow Meric’s gestures.
if appropriate, do not hesitate to watch the video and practice the exercise several times.


The Dodos at KEXP (2015 promotion)

2015 celebrated the beginning of the year with a brilliant new album by the fantastic Dodos, who in turn celebrated a 10-year collaboration with the release of Individ in late january via Polyvinyl Records.


a new album indeed, made of genuine moments of feverish grace and flair (Goodbyes and Endings, The Tide, Pattern/Shadow, Competition, Retriever) with no less than 9 essential songs recorded just after Carrier (2013) –maybe to ward off the tragic death of occasional contributing guitarist Christopher Reimer.

you may have noticed over the years that the pond has always been pretty fond of The Dodos, and the frog has never missed the chance to see them in concert. because, if The Dodos are virtuous to write superb melodies, fanciful and extraordinary rhythm breaks, moving tunes and thrilling songs, the very enjoyable part of The Dodos is also on stage.
this incredible joyful energy, this authentic and true sympathy that the two of them share in concerts, this emotion is a pure and golden one.

well, these past weeks saw the frog struggling in a deep intergalactic void, enduring a painful stupid incapability to attend gigs, and therefore missing for the first time The Dodos as they headed to the pond.

but when your gig appetite is too vigorous, KEXP offers the best delicatessen plates in town. bon appétit.

Thee Oh Sees

this is now official, a new Thee Oh Sees will be out on may 25 on Castle Face Records. Mutilated Defeated At Last is the praiseworthy heir of no-less fantastic Drop that was released last year.

both noisy and psychedelic, this new rock album is the brainchild of the insatiable John Dwyer, Tim Hellman, Nick Murray, Brigid Dawson and Chris Woodhouse, who also produced it. this is again a major piece of rock art, my oh my.

A Place To Bury Strangers

among the pond’s favourite noisiest and most enjoyable bands, APTBS are always more than welcome when adrenaline is urgently needed to whirl along our veins.

and the frog can’t find any words to tell you how (damned) disappointed it was to miss A Place To Bury Strangers’s last concert. especially because Transfixiation, their last album, is one of those incredible rare electrifying events that defy the upper sound pressure level. and because any gigs by this blasting band is a devilish one.

this is reason why we are more than grateful to KEXP for this amazing 20-minute session, which must be played (very very) loud. happy tinnitus.