Month: August, 2015

Maserati’s Rehumanizer

speaking of space rock, Maserati has just announced the release of Rehumanizer, a new album expected in october on Temporary Residence.


the tracklisting was unveiled by the label as follows:
1. No Cave
2. Living Cell
3. Montes Jura
4. End of Man
5. Rehumanizer I
6. Rehumanizer II

the band has already published Rehumanizer II, a very alluring krautrock tune reinforced by delicious offensive guitars, and will head to the pond in november. yeah!


Holy Fuck’s Red Lights

among our favourite space bands, there is a canadian four-piece who has also one of the most inspired band names. alas, since 2010 and the release on Young Turks of the exhilarating, refreshing masterpiece called Latin, Holy Fuck have been showing sporadic signs of activity via social media. but this year, signals became stronger through time-to-time gigs, showing possible evidences of a forthcoming rebirth (leap, leap) – a perfect moment to remember the fantastic Red Lights, featuring pretty skilful cats.

Orcas’ Infinite Stillness

Orcas‘ second album entitled Yearling and released in 2014 on Moor Music arrived alas too late at the pond to enter our top of the year. composed by ambient, lo-fi Benoît Poulard and post-minimalist Rafael Anton Irisarri, Yearling is a hazy splendour of contemplation and overwhelming beauty, as Infinite Stillness shows. this magnificent video was directed by Sean Curtis Patrick.