Justin Small’s subscriptions

by juicyfrog

it’s been a few months now that the pond feels blessed each week, as soon as an e-mail from Justin Small pops up.


yes, Justin Small himself –Do Make Say Think‘s guitarist (among others)– pays a weekly visit to his greatest enthusiasts and offer them an original composition along with an original visual artwork. this is the best present a musician can do to music misfits who have been languishing in boredom since the release of DMST’s remarkable Other Truths in… 2009!

the aforementioned gentleman had the splendid idea to launch a subscription series with the motto “a track a week, a dollar a week, for one year”.  so you may decide to spend each week a canadian dollar usefully and discover a song a few minutes later. alternatively, you may wait for the end of the each quarter (the first quarter is now) and buy the tracks under the form of an online sampler. and if you are very patient, it seems that you would be able to purchase a box set at the end of the year period (this option is to be confirmed by the said gentleman).

the tracks received so far allow a gripping dive into Justin Small’s repertoire. from post rock to cinematic and (superb) tender melodies (Stupid Conscience gonna lead me to the poor house, 50 by Fire), moving ballads (Just Passing Through), cheerful space rock (Booogie Wooogie Back up!), but also more experimental tunes that are reminiscent of Do Make Say Think.

lately, Justin bundled the first package of these songs under the title Summer, a sunny compilation which is available on Bandcamp and the pond is very happy to support Justin Small’s music, which fully deserves a broader attention. so if you are a starving DMST fan, this first sampler or subscription idea may be a pleasant way to invest money with intelligence and taste.