To Let it Go

by juicyfrog

when the pond is longing for tenderness and intimacy, the obvious immediate action is to put a tune on, which is able to rewarm the atmosphere. and we know a musician whose warmth is palpable through his tender, comforting and kind-hearted music. the beauty of John Lemke‘s delicate electronica is greatly enjoyable when diffused through headsets but you cannot properly imagine its full splendour unless you have seen John in concert.

so before we eventually tell you more about him (soon), we are very happy to share with you a video that keeps company to a delicate song untitled To Let it Go, from Nomad Frequencies, John Lemke’s second album released on Denovali Records. a superb video, almost a living painted blurriness –a mere wonder directed by Iván Torres Hdez. never had a video better embodied a song.

and for a complete story around the video, we invite you to visit The Skinny who premiered the video.