a beautiful Shadow Land

by juicyfrog

without turning its back to guitars, the frog feels today in a piano mood and is more than thankful to pianist Federico Albanese for offering a suitable reply to its comforting spleen. Shadow Land Part II is the second excerpt of his forthcoming new album entitled The Blue Hour, expected on 15th january 2016 via Berlin Classics.

born in milano and currently based in the pond, Federico Albanese’s piano traverses classical compositions to better push them out of traditional boundaries, through the exploration of wholehearted, woollen landscapes. hesitating between sunlight and moonlight, his soundscapes travel along airy, floating paths full of melancholia and saudade, which are notably enjoyable at this season.

more than a mere new album, Albanese will pave the way for a new concert series entitled Neue Meister, a sibling (sub) label of Berlin Classics, which will promote contemporary, new classical composers.